Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Art works of 1st Exhibition at Lantana Pharmacy and Gallery in Camarillo

The Art Works of the 1st Exhibition in Lantana Art Gallery.

The Art Works of  the 1st Exhibition  in Lantana Art Gallery.

A cherry Blossom and a Bench, 16X20 Oil, Suwannee Kang

An Early Autumn Morning in Yosemite, 15X20 Water color,  Haesook Park

Autumn in Main, 24X28 Oil, Jae K Shin

Awesome, 16X20 Oil, Lisa Choi

Backyard, 18X24 Oil, Seungae Kang

Beginning of a newday, 16X20 Oil, Jane Han

Blue Magpies and a Persimmon tree, 18X24 Oil,Yangsook Lee

California Poppy,16X20 Oil,Shinyoung Sim

Canadian Spring, 20X24 Water color, Ange Beck

Conjured Love, 24X30 Acrylic, Deborah Joo

Early Morning, 12X24 Oil, Tansha Lee

End of Summer, 16X20 Oil, Shinyoung Sim

Flower Whale, 24X30 Arcylic, Hesoo Joo

Flowers in the garden, 36X54 Oil, Okju Shin

Foggy Mountain, 22X28 Oil, Sue Hong

Garden, 24X36 Oil, Hyunsook Jung

Green Forest,12X16 Oil, Tansha J Lee

Ha Back Do, 24X36 Oil, Grace Yu

Humming Bird, 16X20 Oil, Andrew Kim

Lake Louise in Canada, 22X28 Water color, Haesook Park

Maple Forest, 18X24 Oil, Haesook Lee

Mountain Villa, 16X20 Oil, Llydia Jung

My Dream, 24X20 Mixed Media, Hyunseung Sung

Plum Blossoms, 20X26 Water color, Ange Beck

Reminiscence Building, 18X24 Mixed Media, Youngku Park

Silent Invasion, 20X20 Oil, Mimi Choi

Sun Flowers, 22X28 Oil, Myungsil Park

Sunset, 16X20 Oil, Jiny Lee

Taj Mahal in India, 20X24 Oil, Jae K Shin

The twilight of Autumn, 18X24 Oil, Haesook Lee

Youthanasia, 18X24 Acrylic, Gina Kwon

Yosemite Valley, 18X24 Oil, Booja Lee

Zion Canyon, 18X24 Oil, Grace Yu

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lantana gallery 1st exhibition

Lantana Pharmacy and Art Gallery represents 1st Art Exhibition from Jan. 9 2016 (Saturday) through Feb. 29 2016. The Buena Park Artist's Club and a few local artists take part in this event. More than 40 artworks associated with oil, water color, acrylic and pastel will be exhibited. 
A opening reception will be held from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Jan. 9 Saturday at Lantana Pharmacy and Art Gallery.

Address: 300 N. Lantana St. #36 Camarillo, CA 93010